About YG1689 Electric Vacuum Lifter

YG1689 Electric Vacuum Lifter is a cordless suction cup lifting device that operates using an electric vacuum pump to achieve a high level of suction, securing it to almost any surface. It works on rough, porous and even wet surfaces. It is particularly useful when fixing large-format tiles and also helps with handling of tiles that have been back-buttered or primed.

The YG1689 Electric Vacuum Lifter is easy to operate – it features two buttons,  one for simple on/off operation of the vacuum pump, and another one for quick release of the suction pad. It is a truly cordless unit, power is supplied from  5000 mAh Li-ion battery pack, which lasts for 48 hours of use and takes 8 hours to charge. The unit also features two anchoring points for attaching straps, to facilitate handling of bulkier materials.

The YG1689 Electric Vacuum Lifter can lift up to 120kg. It is suitable for use on many surfaces, including:  checker plate, drain covers, worktops, doors, glass, stone slabs,, flagstones, textured tiles & glass, and many more. The YG1689  Electric Vacuum suction cup works particularly well on rough or porous materials (wood, rock, , natural stone tiles).

The vacuum pump can also be turned off while moving a load that does not have too much mass. However, keeping the vacuum pump activated while transferring material also provides for maximum safety as even if there is an air leak due to foreign material or dirt on the material, then the continuous vacuum pump action maintains constant pressure.

It allows the user to monitor the vacuum pressure level in accordance with the lifting capacity for any given material.

This portable electric vacuum lifter makes lifting heavy objects easy. It's a must have for tile setters for placing wall and floor tile and minimizing the risk of damage. Works great on textured or smooth large format tiles.

What makes suction cups work better?

Suction cups adhere best to smooth, non-porous surfaces such as tile, glass, fiberglass or metal. To ensure a firm bond, surfaces should be totally free of dirt and soap film before attaching the suction cup.

How do electric suction cups work?

When using a standard suction cup, one presses the suction cup against an item, squeezing the air out of the inside. The cup then seals around the vacuum it has created, enabling it to stick to and pick up the object.

Does wetting suction cups make them stick better?

Some suction cup manufacturers even suggest to wet your suction cup or warm your suction cup to get them to stick better.


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