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YIGAO Company

YIGAO develops tools for professional installer and strives to focus on the design, manufacture and distribution of tiling leveling tools and construction tool and vacuum suction cups for safe handling, transportation and cutting of large format tiles as well as installing all kinds of ceramic & porcelain tiles.
YIGAO now develop a range of over 100 new products. We are continuously innovating and improving our products to the needs of the market to offer you a full range of high quality products.

With our commitment to innovation, you will discover lots of new and exciting products. Alongside our best selling items we are able to introduce new big format tiling tools , installation tools, a tile care range to ensure you achieve vital additional aftercare sales.
Our entire range of large format tools products is solution-orientated, the exchange of experience with the professionals is an essential step in the development process and with this interaction practical products are created that excel in quality and application allowing the operation to be easier and less strenuous.

YIGAO focuses on r&d, manufacturing and sales of high-quality Electric Vacuum Suction Cup. We always adhere to the production of high quality, practical, cost-effective and customer satisfaction power tools, and develop a series of efficient and intelligent handling equipment. The YIGAO Electric Vacuum Suction Cup is the most exciting new invention in the power tool industry, designed to reduce physical exertion, workload and safely handle building materials. At the same time, Electric Vacuum Suction Cup is considerate to design hooks for floor professionals, glass installers, carpenters, porters and construction workers, which can be used together with auxiliary sling to lift, move and transport household appliances, furniture, boxes and entertainment facilities. Electric Vacuum Suction Cup adopts original patented vacuum technology to change the way of carrying out heavy lifting and tedious moving and installation tasks. It can grab almost any surface: wet, rough or porous. Handles patterned glass, diamond patterned steel, drywall and other surfaces that no other product on the market can lift.

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YIGAO has a perfect product design, development and sales team, can provide you with a full range of services

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