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1.Stepless vibration control  Efficient Cordless Rechargeable Tile Vibration machine For Makita 18V Battery
2.Electric Leveling Tiler Tile Professional Tiling Tool Machine Vibrator Suction Cup Tile Vibrator Floor Plaster Laying Machine
3.21V Lithium Battery Cordless Tile Tiling Machine Paving Vibrator Tiles Machine
4.Tile Vibrator Leveling Machine For Bricklayer Ceramic Tile Suction Cup Lithium Battery Wireless Tile Floor Laying Tool
5.Vibrating suction cup 

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V 12 an electric tile vibration machine also known as tile paving machine, used to install tiles, paving stones, stone marble and other objects, through the built-in motor to produce high frequency vibration of the cement mortar on the back of the tile (or other substances). V12 can be used for indoor and outdoor installation. It replaces the traditional manual operation and helps to avoid problems due to the incorrect distribution of adhesive under tiles and big slabs. The intense vibration removes residual air bubbles that, if trapped between the adhesive and the tile, cause potential breakage. The intensity of the vibration is adjustable to three different frequencies.

V12 is designed with a trackless rubber suction cup, when using the suction cup to adsorb the tile (or other substance), our suction cup will not leave any mark that is difficult to clean on the surface of the tile (or other substance), thus protecting the expensive tile (or other substance) from damage.

The particular shape of the double handle keeps the load balanced while lifting and laying tile. The soft-touch inserts on the handle make the grip ergonomic, comfortable, and safe.

Now comes with two batteries, vibration plate and carrying case.

Applicable materials

Professional Thumping Suction Cup for Tiles and Slabs, suitable for:



1、Variable speed switch,very  easy to adjust the speed by hand。
2、Diameter 155mm gray rubber suction disc ,suits for tile size 30-180cm ,the color of suction dis can be customized.
3、No mark left on the white tile. It can also lift rough surface (2mm) tiles 。
4、Shake frequency : 12000+。
5、Leveling is more accurate when the horizontal bubble design is applied
6、Adsorption 80kg。
7、Battery shock protection and Circuit board protection , make the machine safer.
8、High power motor, strong vibration power .

▪ LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY OPERATION -tile vibrating tool with reinforced nylon housing is very light, which makes leveling tiles a breeze, allows tiles to set more securely without air pockets, and is suitable for home use, personal decoration, kitchen renovation, bathroom makeover and engineering team.

▪ ADSORPTION LOCK DESIGN - Pull the suction lock forward to make the tile suction cup vibrating tool in the suction state, the suction cup is kept locked, and there is no need to squeeze the handle all the time. Avoid dropping tiles by accidentally letting go. Compared with the traditional hand holding type, it can avoid hand acid caused by long-time grip.

▪ STRONG ADSORPTION - The adsorption capacity of 80kgs is fully capable of most tile weights. Handheld tile tiler has a 155mm diameter suction cup, which can easily absorb 6-48 inch SMOOTH surface tiles. 

▪ STEPLESS VIBRATION CONTROL - The more you press the controller, the greater the vibration frequency of the tile leveling machine. The vibration frequency can be adjusted between 0~12000r/min, and you can adjust it freely according to the size of the tile and the thickness of the plaster.






Battery Voltage

21VDC 1500mAh Li-ion

Battery Capacity

1500mAh   (2PCS)



Input Voltage

100V-240VAC 50/60Hz 1A max

Working temperature


Working time (fully charge)


Charging time


Rubber suction disc diameter


Vibration Frequency


 Adsorption Weight


Charging port


How to use

1. Insert battery (1) into the host in the direction of the port.
2. Place the machine on the tile surface, lock the suction pad (2) forward, lift the tile and move it to the work area. Then release the suction pad lock.
3. Press the switch to activate the vibration and switch the stepless variable speed switch (5) Adjust the vibration frequency as required.


  1. The machine must be stored in a dry place.
  2. Remove any dirt or dust from the surface of the machine after use.
  3. Store the machine in the included carrying case to avoid damage.
  4. In frequent use, it is recommended to charge the machine every day. If you do not use it for a long time, it is also recommended to charge it at least once a month.
  5. FAQ

    1. 1.What Is The v 12 Tile Vibration Machine Used For?

      The V12 Tile Vibration Machine  is used for leveling tiles during installation , allows tiles to set more securely without air pockets.

      2.What Is The Adsorption Lock Design Of The V12 Tile Vibration Machine ?

      The adsorption lock design of the V12 Tile Vibration Machine \ allows you to pull the suction lock forward to make the tile suction cup vibrating tool in the suction state, keeping the suction cup locked and avoiding dropping tiles by accidentally letting go.

      3.What Is The Adsorption Capacity Of The V12  Tile Vibration Machine ?

      The adsorption capacity of the V12 Tile Vibration Machine  is 80kgs, which is fully capable of most tile weights.

      4.What Is The Diameter Of The Suction Cup On The V12  Tile Vibration Machine?

      The V12 Tile Vibration Machine  has a 155mm diameter suction cup, which can easily absorb 6-48 inch smooth surface tiles.

      5.What Is The Stepless Vibration Control Of Thev12  Tile Vibration Machine ?

      The V12  Tile Vibration Machine has stepless vibration control, which means that the vibration frequency can be adjusted between 0-12000r/min, allowing you to adjust it freely according to the size of the tile and the thickness of the plaster.

      6.What the size of tile suit for V12 tiel vibration Machine ?

      The size 30-180cm .

      7.Does The V12 Tile Vibration Machine  Come With A Storage Case?

       Yes, It is with a storage case .

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