Silicone Suction Cup To Lift Large Glass, Marble, Tiles, Pump Active Vacuum For Heavy Lifting Glass Vacuum Silicone Sucker

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YIGAO vacuum cups are used to carry office furniture, big-screen TV’s, glass, stone, or nearly any material with smooth, nonporous surfaces. The wide variety of standard YIGAO vacuum suction cups includes models with flat vacuum pads, for quick attachment to flat surfaces, and models with concave vacuum pads, for effective attachment to curved or irregular surfaces. With diameters from 2.5 to 12 inches [63 mm–300mm], YIGAO vacuum cups are available for virtually any materials handling application.

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8'' Pump Suction Cup With pressure gauge. Glass Suction lifting, Vacuum suction cup with monitor,glass vacuum sucker
Heavy duty vacuum suction cup manual air pump suction cup with pressure gauge

Product Specifications

8 inch vacuum suction cup with silicone pad

Model No.:


Cup Diameter

8" (200mm)

Vacuum pad




Load Capacity


Maximum Load Capacity


Working Temp. Range

-30℃ to 100℃

Handle Type

ABS (Red & Black)



1PC per carring case


Glass and tiles other smooth nonporous flat surface


OEM is welcome
Free of Logo

Product Description

Hand-held vacuum suction cup, 20cm diameter pad with 330 lbs(150kgs) to 700 Ibs(360kgs) super powerful level lifting capability. Humanized design with different colors durable plastic & metal handle and an Anti-aging rubber pad provides a sturdy and ergonomic handle. Fast attachment on flat, nonporous surfaces, which could works in -30℃ to 100℃ temperatures, and keep the vacuum for 72 hours,furthermore, the vacuum cup can works underwater.

How to use

The indicator line warns the user of any vacuum loss. 
CAUTION: Test the cup for staining or deformation of load surfaces with light colors or soft coatings.
Moisture or contaminants can reduce the slip resistance of the cup. Surfaces should be free of oil, grease or water

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pump vacuum suction cup

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