Glass Vacuum Suction Cup Suction Cup Fixed Single Claw Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminum Alloy Tile Suction Cup

Short Description:

1- The maximum lifting capacity of a single suction cup is 50 kg horizontally and 40 kg vertically.
2- It is very suitable for lifting glass, repairing car dents, adjusting laminate flooring, processing glass, sheet metal materials, windows, granite, mirrors, wood flooring and any clean non-porous surface; repairing laminate flooring
3- When placing the suction cup on an object, the surface of the object should be flat, clean, smooth and non-porous.

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Car Dent Repair Puller Suction Cup aluminum alloy glass suction cup lifting sucker
single Aluminium vacuum suction cups for glass tile suction cup lifter

Product Specifications

Product name

Aluminum alloy sucker


Glass, marble, tile lifter. It can also be used to carry large and heavy objects, such as glass, doors, windows, metal plates, and to repair automobile dents


Aluminum alloy + rubber base


Yellow/black/silver/ or customer specified



Diameter of suction cup




Box gauge(cm)


Gross weight


Product name

Aluminum alloy sucker

Product Description

Instead of lasting for a few minutes, this battery powered vacuum suction cup will retain its suction for up to 48 hours when its battery is fully charged. Each 8-inch E-Grip has maximum horizontal absorption power of 100kg. Built-in sensor will automatically detect air level in the vacuum and automatically operate to maintain its absorption power. E-Grip battery powered vacuum suction cup can be used in handling all non-porous materials including glass, granite and marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles, sheet metal, dry wall, hard surfaces, and even household items.


Fully charge battery before first use.
Charge time: overnight or at least 8 hours.
To Attach:
1)Position the hand cup on the contact surface, Push on/off switch and release. E-Grip battery will automatically operate to suck air out. When battery stops operating, it is ready to use.
2)Built-in sensor will automatically detect any loss of power and automatically operate to maintain suction power.
To Release:
1)Press on/off switch
2)Press and hold the air release button (on the other side of the on/off switch) until the cup disengages completely. CAUTION: Remove the cup when not in use.

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Aluminium Suction Cup
Aluminium Suction Cup
Aluminium Suction Cup

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Aluminium Suction Cup

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