Large Format Carrying Frame Handing Tools Big Tile Carrier Heavy Duty Slab Trans With 6 Vacuum Suction Cups,stone Installation Handling Lifter Tools

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Large Format Tile Slabs Carrying Tool with Rubber Vacuum Cups.
The carrying system is an innovative stiffening device that protects finished stone pieces from breakage duing lifting, transport and installation. The product is an ideal solution to strengthen countertops and backsplashes, especially fragile stone pieces.
The stiffening rail is very strong, yet light-weight,and features a convenient sliding channel for customer placement of each clamp. Large format tile and slab can be applied in the shop and left on the countertop all the way to and through the install and handling.

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Large format carrying Frame handing tools big tile carrier Heavy Duty slab trans with 6 vacuum suction cups.
Ceramic Tile Reinforcement Device Vacuum Suction Cups Heavy Duty Seam Setter Glass Stone Installation Handling Lifter Tools.

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• Conveyor/rack for handling ceramic sheets. • Especially suited for handling thicker pieces. • Greater structural strength. Reinforced aluminum profile. 2 perpendicular aluminum guides, for greater stiffness. • Increased LOAD capacity. Includes 6 heavy duty vacuum suction cups 8" diameter. Load capacity up to 309 lb (140kg). • Fast and easy to assemble and disassemble.Black anodized finish.Retractable from 65" (165 cm) to 126" (320 cm). • Maximum load capacity: 309 lb (140kg). • Carrying bag included.


Helps prevent breakage and carrying handling;
Fast and easy to be use;
Lon-lasting,quality construction;
Ideal for fragile stones;
Effortless tightening;
Pays for itself after one prevented break.

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Large Format Tile Working Bench

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